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If you own or have owned a Honda Civic (2006-2013) or Acura CSX (2006-2011) vehicle purchased in Quebec, and you have experienced and observed substantial or not insignificant Early Paint Degradation, you may be entitled to compensation.

This is the esssence of the settlement approved by the Superior Court of Quebec in the Daunais Class Action against Honda Canada Inc. on July 6, 2022.

You must have noticed substantial or not insignificant Early Paint Degradation on your vehicle after May 4, 2015 for Members of the Civic Settlement Sub-Group and after September 4, 2017 for Members of the CSX Settlement Sub-Group.

You had until March 31, 2023 to claim the benefits that apply to you.

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What is early paint degradation?

Substantial or not insignificant Early Paint Degradation can take the form of discoloration or peeling of layers called delamination.

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Claim period

The Claims Period means the period during which a Settlement Class Member may submit a Claim Form. This Claim Period has now ended.



Period for sending rejection and partial rejection notices

Over the next few weeks, Notices of Rejection and Partial Rejection will be issued to affected claims. If a claimant, after receipt of such notice, believes that the reasons for the rejection or partial rejection of its claim can be reconsidered by obtaining additional documents or information, the claimant will have 30 days from the date of this notice to forward the documents to the Administrator. Please wait until you receive a notice of rejection or partial rejection before sending documents to the Administrator. Any documents sent to the Administrator without prior notice to you will not be processed by the Administrator.



Final Rejection Notice Period

If no document is received by the Administrator within the thirty (30) days following the date of the Notice of Rejection of a claim, it will no longer be possible for the claimant to have the status of his/her claim changed by the Administrator by submitting any other documentation and a Final Rejection Notice will be sent to him/her. The ultimate Member’s recourse will be then to file a Reconsideration Notice with the Class Counsel if he/she disagrees with the conclusion of the Administrator, within the thirty (30) days following the date of the Final Rejection Notice. The notice must set out the reasons why you contest the Administrator's final rejection. The coordinates of the Class Counsel will be specified on the Final Rejection Notice or in the following FAQ section.



Performance Period

The Performance Period is the period during which Honda will provide the Settlement Benefits and the Settlement Benefits will be sent to Members. There are several external factors that make it impossible for us to determine an exact payout date. In addition, please note that the period of use of the Authorized Repair Certificate at an authorized body shop will be 180 days from the date of issuance. To view the final value grid, please go to the FAQ page, in the “Settlement” section and click on the question “How much money can I receive?”.

How to get help with your transfer?

Are you having difficulty entering the correct password to cash the transfer that was sent to you? Please contact the administrator. Consult the contact section to find the contact details.

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Have you opted for In-Kind Remedy and received a Repair Approval Certificate?

You can use it to carry out the work at the same body shop that provided you with your quote. Its name can be found on your Repair Approval Certificate.

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Claim period ended September 30, 2022 to March 31, 2023 Claim period ended September 30, 2022 to March 31, 2023 Claim period ended September 30, 2022 to March 31, 2023
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